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Did you know That in a world full of emotions you could choose to be the emoji??

In this day and age, it is so easy for us to just fit in with the crowd and live normal lives as we try to pursue and live out our dreams in this world. But not too many of us realize that our primary calling and purpose in this world is not to just occupy space but to leave a mark that can never be erased. This is why the Young Adults of our church have a deep awareness that God has called each and every one of us to live relentlessly, sold-out lives for him.

We believe that God has created us to not just live normal lives but extraordinary lives in this world, making an unforgettable impact as we influence this nation and then the world! The mission is to raise, disciple and build a generation of passionate Jesus Lovers, to establish an army of champions who will be dedicated and sold out to REACH the lost. We believe we have a higher calling and a deeper purpose in this world and can’t take things lightly. Our vision is to be able to give hope to the hopeless and be the bright light in this dark and scary world.

Always remember that you are a masterpiece in the making, a Happy Song in itself. So be you…That’s all you have to do!
Be a part of this young adult movementThere are so many ways you can get connected and we would love to have you on board.

Life Groups

Life groups are where a small group of young adults comes together once a week to have fun, fellowship and grow in faith. Staying connected and fellowshipping with us through our weekly Life Groups will give you an opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and also grow in your spiritual walk with God. The Kings Temple Young Adults Ministry has life groups that run all across the city. Contact us and we will help you find your nearest Life Group.

Weekend Clubs

Clubs are a place where you get to express yourself by learning and training in what you love to do. Here we give you an opportunity to learn and harness your talents with some of our best. We offer classes for guitar, piano, dance, drama, videography and sports. To make it convenient and easy, Clubs run only on weekends. If you are interested and want to be a part of these clubs please visit our Young Adults Kiosk after service or call us we would love to give you more information.

Here at the Kings Temple, we believe that church is family and we value the relationships we build every week. We want you to know that we are always here for you and just a phone call away.

Do u need help in your life? Are confused about life? Are u in search of answers?


We would love to listen and pray for you.

Contact us on: 9542472448, 9346868848, 9642276923