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Our History

After a dramatic encounter with the Holy Spirit, Bishop.Samuel Rajkumar Patta who was then pursuing his Charted Accountancy was stirred in his heart to committing his life full time, to serve the Lord. After working in several organizations, God birthed in him a passion and desire to plant churches & raise leaders for the service of the Lord.
Thus was the Genesis of The King's Temple.

Radical in his thinking, Bishop Samuel Patta desired to have The King’s Temple church in a Hotel Banquet Hall becoming a reason for ridicule and outright persecution from the traditional believers. But this did not stop him from pursuing his God-given dream to raise up a generation of young men and women who would lay down their lives for God’s Kingdom.
Bishop Samuel Patta is married to Ps.Merlyn Patta, a powerful woman of God and together they form an unbeatable team blessed with two children Steven & Deborah who also serve as full-time Staff in The King’s Temple. The Church has been labeled “ a Word-based Church “, for the continued teaching, that everything happens from and according to His Word, and everyone is taught in no uncertain terms, not to depend on any human being, but to believe and depend only on our Source—God.

Today, King's Temple is the fastest growing churches in the world, with seven services through the week with an active membership of over 10,000 people offline and reaching millions of people online every month, our Online church is in every continent and 30+ countries with more than 2000+ who call the king's temple church as their home.
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Service Timings

8:00 AM


Main Campus

SVIT Auditorium

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11:00 AM


Main Campus

SVIT Auditorium

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10:30 AM


West Campus


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6:30 PM


Main Campus

SVIT Auditorium

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TKT Church Online

The worship is powerful, the life-changing Word of God is preached and we believe the Holy Spirit will be tangible and present in every heart and home as we gather together from all over the world.