Life Groups

Life groups are the life of our church. They are the extension of this church. As our Senior Pastor says, “We are not a church with cells but we are a cell based church”. This is to emphasize the importance of life groups in our church. They help a big church in a big city to feel like home.

Life groups are small gatherings in your neighborhood or area where you connect and make new friends, form relationships with other like minded believers and grow together in the Word and share your ideas with others.

As Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharps the iron, so a friend sharpens the other”, we believe that there is power in association. In our life groups, we encourage people through the word of God, prayer and fellowship. You get to evolve, develop and nurture the gifts God has placed inside you. And above all, fulfilling the great commission of reaching the lost.

Life groups are hosted in homes but it doesn’t mean that it is less than a church. We believe that the presence of God moves mightily in life groups and miracles happen and are happening.

We are a big family. A house with many rooms made of God’s love and people.

Life groups meet once every week and run for no more than ninety minutes. We have a life group running in your area. Find a life group and join us for an amazing experience with God and make some new friends who encourage, inspire and challenge you to bring out the best in you.

If you are new to this church or want to learn more about Life groups, visit us at any of our campuses or online and we would love to connect you to your nearest life group!